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The EcomXFactor Podcast: Ecommerce, Funnels & CRO

Dec 19, 2021

Most businesses are born from the skill, creativity and experience of a passionate person who develops a high value product or offer for many, but often die because they only whisper the availability of that offer to a few!

Meredith Kallaher helps business owners develop and implement marketing strategies that expand...

Dec 12, 2021

Shannon Kelly is UX designer & CRO strategist with 15+ years of experience working on the web. From working in e-commerce, email advertising, digital marketing agencies and more, she’s gained insights working with companies, big and small, on how to optimize their lead gen marketing funnels, while keeping UX top of...

Nov 28, 2021

David is a serial entrepreneur with a wide portfolio of online businesses.

David has a portfolio of startups including
Upcoach (a platform for coaches), LTVplus (Modern Business Process Outsourcing) TaskDrive (Sales Development) (SEO Agency), 50saas (Laravel app Marketplace) and his passion project Managing...

Nov 14, 2021

John Horn is the CEO of Stub Group, a digital advertising agency, Premiere Google Ads Partner. He is passionate about speaking with clients and other business owners on ‘How to navigate the digital marketing landscape’ and convert more leads, get more e-commerce sales, and grow revenue.

Topics Covered:


Oct 31, 2021

In this noisy digital world, you can’t break through the noise,
Instead, you need to get in on the conversation where your ideal customers are already listening.

As a Navy veteran who ran nuclear power plants, and
an inbound marketing engineer, Tom Schwab has a refreshingly unique approach.

He focuses on time-proven...