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The EcomXFactor Podcast: Ecommerce, Funnels & CRO

Apr 25, 2021

Hi Everybody,
In Todays' episode we had with us Yoni Mazor
Yoni is the COO & Co-Founder of GETIDA.

He began developing GETIDA after successfully operating a $20 million yearly Amazon FBA business, selling fashion brands internationally.

GETIDA specializes in eCommerce discrepancy analytics and consulting. By utilizing...

Apr 19, 2021

Hi Everybody,
In today’s episode, we had with us Rocky Romanella.
Rocky is an Author and Founder and CEO of 3 Sixty Management Services.
In today’s episode we talked about:
-What it takes to be a great business leader
-3 questions that Rocky used in order to gain more clarity
-How to prioritize...

Apr 11, 2021

Hi Everybody,

In Today’s episode we had with us, Jessica Ross.
Jessica is a well-known publicist, actress, and reporter.

Jessica appeared in popular films, TV shows, and magazines and also has also managed the PR of many well-known celebrities.

In today’s episode we talked about:
-Why publicity and social media are...

Apr 5, 2021

Hi Everybody,
In Today’s episode we had with us Nelson Tressler

Nelson Tressler is the author of the book called The Unlucky Sperm Club.

Murder, rape, extreme poverty, abuse, and being the center of the biggest trial ever to hit his small town were waiting for Nelson upon his birth. Rather than falling victim to his...