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The EcomXFactor Podcast: Ecommerce, Funnels & CRO

May 30, 2021

Today we had Ryan Lunka as our guest.
Ryan is the co-founder and CEO of Blended Edge, helping software teams deliver integrations faster, easier, and more cost-effectively.

Topics covered in this episode: 
-What are integrations?
-What are the different types of APIs?
-How can an e-commerce store owner know when he...

May 23, 2021

Today’s guest is Ashley K Deluca.
Ashley is an email marketing expert that believes in keeping email marketing simple.

In this episode we covered a lot of interesting stuff that are related to email marketing:
-Deliverability issues

-Tips for better headlines

-Is the money really in the list?

-How to segment your...

May 15, 2021

Hi Everybody,
In Today’s episode, we had with us Nick Disabato.

Nick is a very experienced UX/UI expert that helps Shopify plus store increase their profits.

In today’s episode we talked about:
-Usability tests to optimize your conversion rates and CLTV
-Split Testing your store pages
-How and why you should be...

May 8, 2021

Hi Everybody,
In Today’s episode, we had with us Neil Twa

Neil and his partner helped their clients in selling over $100M+ a year in private label sales on Amazon FBA.

Neil has vast experience in anything related to Amazon and Ecommerce.
From private labeling, FBA, selling stores etc.

In today’s episode we talked...